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Hang Tight! Learning Curve Ahead!!


Help Adult Learners Metamorphose through the Four Stages of Competency

In an effort to improve training, Noel Burch, while working for Gordon Training International in the 1970s, analyzed adults as learners and found that adults progress through four distinct stages of competency. These stages help a lesson designer or a trainer empathize and visualize the overall progression of the learner’s abilities. Let’s look at Burch’s four stages and consider some strategies to help guide the learner through the tough stuff…
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Get On the Phantom Bus, It Is Time for A Virtual Tour!


Utilizing Background Knowledge         

Before crafting a lesson, it is important to assess the learners’ needs by evaluating their existing knowledge base, or background knowledge. Background knowledge refers to a learner’s experiences, skills, and understandings of a topic. Background knowledge is also known as prior knowledge and it is essential in understanding themes, improving comprehension, and making connections. Continue reading “Get On the Phantom Bus, It Is Time for A Virtual Tour!”

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Scaffolding for Success


Scaffolding a lesson is like a layered cake. Each layer is built on the other. Any weak layers will cause the cake to fail. When designing lessons to reach ALL learners, look for gaps in understanding and build a strong lesson in layers for learner success. Here are five ideas to get you started…

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